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December 01, 2022


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When food is put in front of me, I go ahead and eat it. I hope I don’t shovel it, but I do keep at it. I think it is partly because I like to eat it while it’s hot, and I get in the habit even when I am eating cold stuff/ I am also somewhat task oriented, I guess.

Arkansas Patti

I tend to look at the person, not the package they come in but if had to be honest, Dad bods while cuddly aren't as eye catching as a rack of abs. I have now crossed over into dirty old woman:))
So glad Littler Guy has packed on that needed pound plus. Power eating has its place.


How wonderful to have such adorable little guys so huggably close to carry you past the darker moments. "After December 21 the days start getting longer!", my dear father used to optimistically say. How prophetic that he died on Dec 20th. I will have to remember to check out the sunrises and sunsets more! I seem to be hibernating at those times.


Lovely photos of the snow and the two little guys. Cute!


So good to hear that Littler is gaining and doing well! I hope that takes a little bit of stress away from everyone. I didn't get slush clumps yesterday but every tree that still had some leaves gave me a short, wet rain shower when I walked under it thanks to the bursts of wind. Brrrrrrr!


The guy on your calendar seems smiling and happy to strut his stuff. I'd be tempted to glue a picture of a Christmas tree over his image. Your little guys look amazing. The baby's weight gain and eating well now is wonderful. What a relief. This alone deserves a celebration...spa or gourmet restaurant (both?). Forget all the pressures and celebrate for a few hours. A is an amazing mother. M you did everything right and must be so proud. N certainly found lots of pleasure working on his snow removal project.


Very beautiful snow and scenery! And what a gorgeous baby! Looks like LG is having fun playing in the snow. They are such a blessing and bring happiness.

I take December one day at a time. Like you it can have some highs but definitely some anniversaries and other lows that I can't let weigh me down.

Haha speaking of weight - no on the calendar.


I think both of our daughters were the same way. They started sleeping through the nights at about 1 month old and our pediatrician kept saying we should walk them up a couple times. We never did and they still grew on pace for their chart of averages. They were just efficient eaters.


My middle daughter never nursed for longer than five minutes a side. Once my milk let down, she just gulped the milk down. I'm so glad littler guy is gaining weight. One worry to check off the list.

That photo of the houses, trees and snow is so beautiful.

I'm sorry December sucks. Do funny movies help? Time with friends? Is John still out of action? Sending hugs:)

Joanne Noragon

What is the streak between the two banks of clouds? Around here there would be a bank of clouds, then clear sky, representing a change in fronts. i.e., clear weather under clear sky and rain under cloudy sky.


Wow, what a beautiful sunset!

Littler guy has such sweet little features. I misread your other description as "this sometimes sweet, sometimes gassy grandson." lol They are often that, too.

Older little guy's (not sure of a better way to refer to them) fascination with diggers is very cute and interesting. My grand-nephew's fascination is with pupas. Do you know how hard it is to find a pupa toy? haha His dad knitted him a pupa. I painted one. I'm hoping he'll eventually latch his attention onto something else.


I had to laugh at your calendar! ;-)
Glad your snow is melted off the roads. That is not fun.
Your little guys are so cute. little guy loves his trucks and the snow.
Littler guy is adorable. Glad he is gaining. Soon he will be past the
getting up every couple hours to feed stage. Wendy

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