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December 06, 2022


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DrumMajor Linda in Kansas

Wonderful tree decor! That's a lot of live ornaments that flew off the branches! Love the snow globe collection. Maybe Little Grandson is now old enough to be hypnotized by the train. Glad John made it over amongst everything he's done and the winter weather. Ziggy know he can be naughty when you babysit. Linda in Kansas


We normally always cut down a wild eastern red cedar tree but this year for the second time in my life, we cut down some sort of fir. Actually, the owner of the land had been removing them and he had managed to pull it half way out by the roots with a chain but hadn't succeeded. It was still alive, fairly nice shaped and the right size so we went ahead and put it out of its misery.

One thing I have learned, before carrying it into the house, I put it in the tree stand and then walk around it with the leaf blower giving it a good blow dry. It helps to remove a lot of the loose needles and also other bugs and things.


That's a cool snowglobe collection! Nice seeing Ziggy again (and John), and also a very nice tree. To be honest it's shaped so perfectly I would've assumed it was artificial if you hadn't said otherwise! I bet it smells really nice too. :^)


There is nothing quite as beautiful as a live Christmas tree - the smell, the texture. I do consider getting one each year just before I pull out the artificial ones. The commitment to care for the real one is just too much for me - lol. Yours is so pretty and full of memories to be savored. The holiday lights inside the house bring a bit of cheer to these darkest days of the year.


When you got into it, you really got into it. For awhile you seemed reluctant this year. What I can see looks very good.


I love your tree. I'm happy you had company putting the tree up. It is much more fun with someone to share it with. I too have a collection of "eclectic" ornaments! Handmade by children or souvenir ornaments from places we have traveled. It means so much more to me that way. I really can't imagine having one of those designer trees with all the matchy matchy ornaments color coordinated for the room. Meh

Planning for a holiday has to be left open with options-doesn't it? I know my daughter tested positive for you know - two days before Thanksgiving and that changed everything. It's nice to have a quiet back up plan. Life goes on.

Any way your house looks festive! I need to pull a few more things out.


That's the best kind of tree - the deeply personal one. I bet it smells great, too.


Very festive and so much fun for kids and cats to explore. My dad was a big noble fir guy- my favorite for live trees and a tradition I continued into adulthood until the day tiny white worms/larvae started dropping from the branches. As each kid left for their own lives they got all of their ornaments (made, collected or given over the years) to take with and start their own traditions. As time marched on they all got bits and pieces of all the other decor as well. I think Cara still has a lot and now the girls are growing up with grandma's traditions!


I hope your decorations help cheer you up (seems like you've been down, but maybe I'm wrong?). Very sweet that tiny one has his mama's dimple. Ziggy looks like he has a gentle smile!


Your tree looks beautiful and I have the same kinds of ornaments, even a couple from when I was a child, and they bring back so many memories. I think they're the best kind.

Your daughter is so lucky to have you nearby to help. My mum used to help me too when my kids were little.

Our cat does whatever she wants. Right now she's by my feet, sitting on the register with the hot air blowing up on her.


Decorating for Christmas and celebrating with a focus on family traditions makes the holiday even more perfect. Your Christmas tree and decor looks outstanding. The train encircling the tree is very story book lovely. Doing this for yourself first and foremost is ideal. The rest of the family will be delighted as well. Silly me, I turn the Christmas tree lights on when I wake up each morning. Over-the-top, I know, but I love it. Baby dimples are so adorable and even better indicate weight gain. Z looks good even when he is breaking the rules.

Pam Donaldson

I too have many tree ornaments from the past, on a real tree. Not that we have it yet, nor have we done any Christmas decorating yet, but soon, soon!


Your tree is just perfect! I love all the unique ornaments. Like you I usually don’t decorate much for Christmas. My hubby’s religion doesn’t do Christmas and the one person who made such a big deal about Christmas is gone, my Dad. Hubby is happy to help me decorate but most years now I am just not feeling it. Hope your Christmas Eve plans happen, it is so hard now with all the sickness’s around. Ziggy is adorable.😻

Karen Sullivan

I love your tree and all your festive decorations. Hopefully they will bring you cheer on the hard days! I'm with you on real trees. I have yet to get mine (I intend to get it tomorrow or Friday, but have all other decorations up). Every year I contemplate a fake tree, but get a real one anyway. I, too, manage to get my tree all on my own because my husband is usually on the road when the spirit moves me. He wouldn't mind me skipping a tree altogether, but I WANT one!!!


Your tree is so pretty. Nothing like the smell of a fresh cut pine tree. I do have an artificial tree because of daycare kids. Yes, I could do real, but I don't want them to be poked by the needles and they do mess with the tree some. My ornaments are like yours. Homemade, gifted from daycare families, my own kids etc. and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love remembering each child as I put "their" ornament on the tree each year. Glad John was there and could help with it too Your house is now ready for Christmas and your family.
So sorry your little guy is once again sick. There are bugs everywhere this year.

kayak woman

I wish my house were as uncluttered as yours. Then I would be happy to put out some decorations (we always have a tree). As it is, it's just gonna stress me out to get "xmas" out.

Joanne Noragon

I love firs. I bet yours smells wonderful. Your entire house is lovely. It's time to christen you the Energizer Bunny.

Ally Bean

You've done a lovely of decorating for the holidays, not too much, just enough. I like your little tree and its train. I also laughed out loud when I saw Ziggy. I do enjoy a rebellious cat, from afar.


Your tree has the perfect shape! How wonderful to have John's help. We are somehow just not in the holiday spirit this year. Sigh...


I love your tree, and your holiday philosophy as well. Sometimes there is too much pressure and expectation with holidays, and it’s nice when it can be toned down a bit.

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