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December 02, 2022


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Mari cracks me up with her negotiation skills.

Many years ago we cut a hole in our basement room ceiling to fit the high point of our weight machine. I carefully figured out where all the beams were located before getting the saw going. It worked and even provided a little shelf area for the tall. The floor, walls and ceiling of the room were dismantled several years later as part of our remodel. Including removing asbestos tile flooring and lead painted areas. If there was a toxic product possibility, it was in our house!

I like the idea of just running 1 mile a day. It could get me started to possibly do mo.

Doug M

Mari is always good for a chuckle, I'm glad you indulge her on occasion! I must admit I chuckled at that photo of your son-in-law too, that poor guy! We have an elliptical machine in our exercise room downstairs and I love the darn thing. 🙂

Arkansas Patti

Yes it is a bit scary for YD to run in the dark. The news stories about what can happen is scary. Hope she carries pepper spray and a whistle with her or better yet-- a friend.
Glad OD wants that heirloom blanket. I know your Mom is happy to see it stay in the family.
That is too funny about SIL on the elliptical. Jay has a good idea.


I bet your grandmother would also be thrilled to know that lovely quilt, her labor of love, has now been passed down for her great-grands. Nice!


I had my grandmother's baby blanket that she made for me fixed up by the local quilt club and now it is a lap warmer in our house. I decided that I might as well get some use out of it before it completely falls apart or gets tossed by the next generation.

We fortunately have 8 feet tall ceilings in our basement so even I can use the elliptical without hitting my head. But I admit that it is close enough to make me want to cringe if experience hadn't proven that I'd be all right.


Beautiful heirloom blanket for your daughter. Oh no! on the elliptical! Those things are heavy to move around, at least mine is. I hope a workable solution has been found that doesn't involve a saw.


What a treasure in that quilt to pass on! Mari always makes me laugh with her dairy obsessions. There's a bit of exercise extremes going on in this post: dangerous snow, scary dark running, and possible head trauma. Your family lives dangerously! Too challenging for me!

Ally Bean

I like the quilt, I can see why your daughter wants it. It seems like a treasure.

Laughing at the photo of "man on elliptical meets ceiling in basement." That's a meme in the making.


I doubt whether I could comfortably exercise in the space, assuming of corse that I could exercise comfortably at all. lol


Lumps of melting snow falling from trees do take us by surprise. That said, the snow on the pine trees looks lovely; just not on our heads/arms/shoulders. 3-layers in blue is a great color for you. Your pink baby blanket is an heirloom and definitely a keeper. Oh no, that ceiling needs more height so R can really use his new equipment. What brand machine did you buy? My neighbors are runners and they are wearing a vest with a light on the back. For safety, a light seems like a good idea.


I love the beautiful quilt, I’m glad your daughter wants it. She may have a granddaughter to give it to someday.

When I go for my walk before the sun comes up, I sometimes see runners with beanies that have a light, like a miner. Seems like it would keep your daughter visible so she doesn’t get hit by a car. My daughter has her house key on some mace, with a whistle. That’s smart too.

Your SIL exercising is hilarious, I hope he finds a more comfortable solution!

Yay for Mari! Get that froth!


Your older daughterr may have granddaughters one day, who knows? And those quilts are far too beautiful and sentimental to just get rid of.

I'm sorry your mom is having such a hard time breathing. It's awful.


It was supposed to rain for hours here today but all we got was a few spits. That may have been why SWMBO decided to rake leaves in the front yard and condemn me to holding a huge garbage bag while she filled it. Doesn't she know the aches and pains this puts my aging body through?


That's so funny about the ceiling. Hope they can find a place for the machine.

I'm sorry to hear about your mom's breathing difficulties. I hope her breathing improves.


It made me happy to read that OD wants the quilt. Those old family memories keep on going that way.
your son in law cracks me up with his head on the ceiling.
Your spoiled cat should be so good for you with you giving her treats. We love to spoil our pets, don't we?

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