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February 24, 2023


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Doug M

Well Margaret, this was a nice read about your mom and you speak french!? That would be very cool. I have to admit my stomach turned when I saw the cover on that book, Rush limbaugh?? Your sister-in-law sounds like a real winner. I'm sorry, I don't know her I have no right to say such a thing but still.. revolting. On a happier note, I like your younger daughters living room rug, it's very nice! I hope John recovers real soon. 🙂👍

Joanne Noragon

Owning everything that comes our way is the best way. Too bad expressing your true feelings may be illegal.
I'm glad your mom is settled into rehab, but Rush? Some problems you can't just "own" and leave.


Glad you got mom somewhat settled and got to say goodbye to nurse Rosalie. Also it's good to see YD getting settled as well and making a comfy home. I think I'll just leave the rest alone...
It was gorgeous today and so nice not to have the wind blowing. That makes such a difference. You have seen the forecast right...snow tomorrow-into Sunday :) and probable rain/snow most of next week. Maybe you will just be video chatting with mom although our highs are supposed to get back into the 40's thankfully.


Nice mountain pic.


Um, I think your first paragraph in this post proves that you must be a very nice person. Just because you are discerning and have good boundaries does not make you "not nice". I enjoy reading the blogs of nice people I've never met, including yours. Hugs.


Margaret, I have been down this path before. It is not an easy trek. You will be asked to do more than you ever thought you could do. But you will do it, because you can. Thinking of you.


I was wondering about that RL book. I wish I could add my eye roll emoji. He's such a jerk.

I'm glad your mom is improving and that she had good care.

There are times that depression can visit us and we can recognize it, deal with it and move on.

DrumMajor Linda in Kansas

If it gets too cold, put that RL book in the fire! Glad the brother pointed out the sign to the disrespectful SIL. The couch and rug look great! Baby steps for YD too ya know. Willing to bet there's another French-speaking staffer at the new Rehab place. Linda in Kansas


I guess though I share your assessment of RL, I wouldn’t be so harsh assessing the book without reading it, especially one that is on the subject it supposes by the cover. I’ve read many a good book by some people who do t share my political beliefs.

linda dev

Ah, the book! What absolute rubbish. Your SIL sounds like a real peach.

On the sadness, I hear you loud and clear. I definitely deal with it on occasion. It is not what I would call depression, it's not that deep, but it has its own darkness and can stay way past its tolerable period. I also accept and then I rejoice when it lifts.

Take care.


You are dealing with much, but I hope that book takes a walk to the nearest bin.

Extremely cold here this morning. It’s late Feb, so hopefully, it won’t last.

Take care.

kayak woman

Good for your nephew for reading the sign and "reminding" his mom. I have long gotten comfortable with grocery shopping (masked) and seeing the unmasked. I just stay away from them. But in a rehab facility? You darn betcha folks should CARE enough about the patients (and staff) to mask. And other viruses besides covid can also be dangerous. (I know I'm preaching to the choir.)

Also, that Rush Limbaugh book cover is so ridiculous it's *almost* funny.

Pam Donaldson

No one much wears masks any more here, though I would, in a hospital. I never minded wearing one but now we've all got out of the habit. Sorry about your sadness. As you say, in time things will seem much better. But it's not a great help now. xx


I would definitely disappear the RL book and just plea ignorance. Your mother's personality making her well liked will serve her well in the Rehab. As we all know, nasty gets you nowhere. Group living in large facilities carries risk of infection. It is hard to manage with 100% success. YD is making herself a comfy home. Poor John, he's not been feeling well for quite a while.

Marie K

That quote is so true. I'm sorry about SIL. Some people never really get it. How neat to talk to the nurse in French.


So glad you were able to drive your mom to the assisted living facility. I bet she will settle right in and be happy to have someone to visit with each day and not worry about meals and medication taking. Kind of crazy when the door sign states that masks are required that people still try to get by without them. Especially at a care center with yes, fragile healthed people.
Your tulips are gorgeous. I need to buy some in the next month haha! Nice that YD is getting settled and getting the house to be her own. I sure hope John feels better soon

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