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May 26, 2023


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Wow. Maui on a budget? I don't think it is possible. Everything is so expensive there, even the cheap stuff.


I finished HORSE yesterday and think it will be a very good discussion book...if the paperback version has questions. The hardback doesn't.

Joanne Noragon

Your yard certainly looks tidy for John's visit, Hope the trip to his daughter's is as tidy.


Well you're gonna have a fun week! YD must have a travel agent on speed dial- and major skills on finding cheap vacations. She goes a lot. I wonder if that will change in the future?


Having recently gone through 'the prep', I noted that they give the same dose to everyone, and I certainly didn't need the the cleansing power that a less active, much larger person would require. I wished I hadn't taken all of the vile liquid because it was clearly overkill, if you know what I mean. I hope the peace of mind you'll get from taking care of your screenings will carry you through rough bits. It is also the best nap ever.
What a treat for YD to enjoy Maui even though it's car camping - perfect for young adventurous folks.


I. Know there are other versions of the colostomy, buy my guy had me drinking about 42 gallons of vile liquid. That and two days sans coffee IIRC. The procedure isn’t bad with no after-effects that I recall.


A tip to get that vile liquid down - use a really fat straw and stick it to the back of your mouth to suck it all down. You don't taste it that way. Someone gave me that tip and it works.


Yes, the pre-colostomy treatment is much worse than the actual procedure. Nuff said.

And I too wonder what a cheap trip to Maui is like. I've never been to Hawaii but I've had friends much richer than I who've told me about it.


Everybody agrees, the colostomy prep is most vile. Why can't the docs invent a better way? Maui is paradise. YD is lucky to be vacationing there. Your lawn and garden always looks beautiful.


Good luck with the colonoscopy.

Putting flowers on graves isn't a Jewish custom. We put stones on them, although I've heard different explanations why.

Marie K

Your title of the post is also the name of my blog. I think it's still there, just hasn't been updated for many years. It's probably a great time for YD to be taking a little vacation. Is John driving you to your appointment on Thurs?

Pam J.

My husband just had a colonoscopy last week and the prep was much, much simpler than the prep I did just 4 years ago. None of that nasty Gatorade to force down. Just something called suprep that you mix with water. Good luck.


Budget trip to MAUI?? Margaret I very much admire YD. Well, you're only young once! Anyway, I hope John is in better spirits and I enjoyed your joke about the bathtub planter and anxiously await to hear how your colonoscopy went! If you remember, I had one two months ago and was cleared for 10 years. Sure hope yours is the same. 👍


It sounds like you're going to have a shitty week:) I hate colonoscopies. I only had one and that was enough. Does your doc not to FIT test, fecal immunoassay tests? If blood shows up, then you have to have a colonoscopy but if you FIT test is fine, no need. I hope it goes well.

Your daughter is lucky to be in Hawaii. I love Hawaii, the big island and Maui, not Oahu though.

kayak woman

I am not in a book club but I LOVED Horse.


Colonoscopies are no fun but alas, they are a necessary evil. How great to get a "budget" trip to Maui, which seems inconceivable to me! (Being on the other side of the planet!) By "renting an Airbnb car," do you mean a camper, or sleeping in an actual car?!

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