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June 08, 2023


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Oops. Power failure, so I’ll just say hello and goodbye.


What fun for great grandma to be stocking up on baby clothes! I bet that made her day :)


Oh it is getting real isn't it? The clothes are so cute and your mother sounds so much like mine; just doing what she wants if she can. I'm pretty sure I'll be like that too, if I live past 90. What a joy it must be to live in view of mountains.

DrumMajor Linda in Kansas

Old Copper looks like a giant prom bouquet! Interesting history on it's measly start in life. There always seem to be a lot more stuff than baby. Glad the great grandma is having fun too. (I'm gagging at the thought of lobster with licorice tasting stuff.) Linda in Kansas


Love your rody.


And Old Copper looks even better today! Who knew? We just don't know what tomorrow will bring.

And I love lobster. I cannot imagine why any chef would ruin it by combining it with something tasting of licorice.

Ally Bean

Baby stuff in your house! It's great that it can be delivered there, but does kind of ramp up the excitement/anticipation, doesn't it?


I've never heard of pernod but if it tastes like black licorice, I can't imagine how bad it must taste with lobster. I'm not a big fan of black licorice anyway.

We had a pack and play but it really got limited use. There was just a brief window when our child was mobile but small enough to not move much that we used it. Once they got bigger and could crawl, they hated being inside it. We finally got rid of it and didn't even miss it when our second child was born.


When Great Grand Mom is motivated she takes action. Love the PJ's she chose. I can't imagine lobster and licorice. NE lobster is served with melted butter. Delicious. Old Copper is still outstanding.


While your photos are beautiful, and the things you discussed are (as always) interesting…… what really struck a resonant chord with me today was the TITLE of your post! “The Best Might Yet Be to Come”….just the phrase alone helped me to feel and sense more joy today. I am not sure why, exactly…. but it gave me a feeling of optimism and helped make the day very pleasant.

Thank you!



And….. it took me a few moments to remember where I had heard that phrase too…. no wonder why it resonated so much…. it is akin to part of a Robert Browning poem!!!! Although I (unfortunately) no very little about poetry, the few I have especially fond memories of are from Browning and ee cummings.

Again, thank you!



I love baby clothes; they're just so tiny and sweet. The flowers are beautiful and the mountains, I'll be there soon, or on Vancouver Island, soon.

Karen Sullivan

Old copper is beautiful! Having that in my yard would make me so happy.

Glad you had a lovely lunch with your friend.

So exciting that you're having another grandson! The outfits are adorable.


Is YD moving in with you, with baby in tow? Hmmmm.


Margaret, your flowers are gorgeous! Old Copper is incredible. Wow, your 91 year old mom drove?? Her trip was worth it, those sleepers are adorable. Goodness, only two more months until YD’s baby…that’s wonderful.
Have a great week.❤️❤️


Those clothes are adorable, and I love the squirrel feet!

I had been hoping for an Old Copper photo in the sunshine, and it really brings out the color. I am so jealous that you have a house with all of the flowers. I would love a rose bush to clip and put a rose on the table or nightstand every now and then, though something about cutting a flower makes me feel depressed (like I killed it!). Wonder if anyone else feels that way?

Looks like you're really getting ready for another bebe. Prepped with your own bassinet and everything. Good ideas!


I used to wear a plastic bracelet that had the initials "FTP" on it to remind me to find the positive every day. It is incredibly difficult changing that mindset and I am not as good as I could be but I am definitely better. I just try to remember that everyone is finding battles.
Your dessert looks fabulous.
Totes adorbs are the best way to describe those clothes.
Take care and good luck putting together all of those baby things.

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